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Perspective: A Not-So-Bright Plan


I’m writing and recording this perspective in my home office that is illuminated with five LED light bulbs. In fact, save for one, every single light source in my house and garage comes from an LED bulb.

No one in my family looks orange in the cast of any of these bulbs, and certainly no one in this house is pining for the old incandescent bulbs. My point in all of this is I am befuddled, baffled, angry, aghast and not a little disappointed in those whose logic on energy policy defies logic by proposing policies that burn more fossil fuels and use more energy when easy energy options are available.

We have government officials who have openly stated we should bring back incandescent light bulbs, which are approximately 80 to 90% less efficient than LEDs and generate more heat than light. We are facing a global climate catastrophe and yet we have a president who has rolled back fuel efficiency standards for cars whose emissions contribute most of the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. That same president disallowed California its waiver to maintain those same standards, which several automakers also support.

I am one citizen who is tired of stupid, who is tired of short-sighted, who is tired of greed-driven public policies, who is tired of those who think they can recover some golden era that either didn't exist or wasn't golden in the first place. I want the smartest people in the most important places, trying to solve our most pressing problems.

I'm Andrew Nelson, and that's my perspective.

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