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Perspective: Bullet The Wonder Dog -- And Me

My wife’s great aunt married John F. Kennedy’s great uncle. This was in 1928. Jack Kennedy would have been eleven and was likely at the wedding. This means that my wife is only five or six degrees of separation from President Kennedy. It means that I’m only six or seven degrees of separation from President Kennedy. Not that I’m bragging or anything.

My second cousin thrice removed served as a secretary to Lyndon Johnson before he became president. That means I’m only eight or nine degrees separated from President Johnson, and this time I didn’t have to get married in order to achieve this distinction.

As a child, my mother once played, back in Texas, with the future Western movie star Dale Evans. I’m only two or three degrees separation from the late Dale Evans and her cowboy star husband Roy Rogers. This also means I’m only four degrees separated from Bullet, their brilliant Wonder Dog, and from Nellie Belle, their jeep.

Someone once said that when we see Earth from outer space, we realize we’re all on the same beautiful blue spaceship. Not me. All I can think of is how I’m not all that remote from famous people. I’m not all that far from Abraham Lincoln himself. His dog once passed through the backyard of my great great great great great uncle by marriage.

This is Tom McBride. I’m not boasting, but that’s my Perspective.

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