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Perspective: Routine, Please!

robinsan via Flickr
Kitchen remodel

Some people say there is a season for everything. I reflect on that saying during mundane moments. Routines are followed and no surprises occur. Living in routine time is nice because it’s easy and predictable. I often stop and lavish in the moment of living routinely because I know it won’t last and I will long for routine and predictability at some point. 

As I sit to write this perspective, my entire house is torn apart. Furniture is piled up, pictures are off the wall, and the kitchen is unusable. A summertime home renovation project is well under way. I’m a big fan of the saying “a place for everything and everything in its place”. But trying to live in our house right now is difficult because most everything is not in its place. 

The times where everything seems topsy-turvy are exciting. Off balance, unaware of what’s ahead, how to maneuver in the midst of it. Yet these times can also provoke the most fear and unease. To get through the difficulties and find the excitement, we can remember that this new thing won’t last forever, that we are in control of our own selves, and that we get to decide how to respond. 

So… this project won’t last forever, I am excited to see the results, and to make a more beautiful home… and I can’t wait for a little more routine again. 

I’m Elsa Glover, and that’s my perspective. 


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