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Perspective: We Plan -- And The Universe Laughs

Liz Dranow

Life turns on a dime.  


On April 12th, my dear Marybeth fell while stepping over the dog gate. Down she went, landing on her left hip. Unable to move, we called the paramedics, who lifted her from the floor to the ambulance. Later that day an x-ray revealed a break.  Surgery followed and soon she was home facing 16 weeks of physical therapy and recovery. Her entire calendar wiped clean. 


Life happens. When it does, our plans become insignificant to the circumstances of the moment. Our home is 102 years old, second floor bedrooms and claw foot tub. So, I found a bed for the first floor, assistive devices, Marybeth learned to wash from a sink, accept help from others and experience the impact of feeling helpless over her circumstances.  It is humbling -- humbling how fast everything changes. Our perfect planning gone. 


We humans believe we can control everything. Then something unexpected happens and we quickly learn how little control we really have. However, this can be freeing. Our ability to be unattached, ready for what’s next, can open the door to peace and calm in our lives, no matter the circumstances. 


It’s not that things happen, it’s what we do when things happen, how we allow them to shape and form our lives and experiences. Understanding our frailty can lead towards having the courage to live large.   


Meanwhile back at the ranch, it’s one step at a time for Marybeth -- literally. 


I’m Lou Ness and that’s my Perspective. 

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