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Perspective: Walkabout? By Myself? At My Age? You Bet!

Lou Ness

Four weeks ago, I had the opportunity to fly to Australia, the land down under -- it’s a bucket list thing. I was a little hesitant, money being one of my considerations. Before I go further, you should know this about me: I am easily distracted, a little disorganized (a result of being easily distracted) so traveling 9100 miles alone was daunting.

Australia was with me all day. As I was getting ready for bed, brushing teeth, pulling down the covers and sitting on the bed, it hit me – fear. What if? That’s when the what if creatures (who come out in the dark and tell you all the horrible things that can happen to you) showed up.

You’ll lose your passport, you’ll lose your way, you’ll miss your plane, you could get sick and on and on and on it went until I was drenched in sweat. During those 30 minutes of fear telling me to play it safe, I heard this: “At your age? Really.” Boy, did that stop me.

Jumping out of bed, I retrieved my credit card, booked the flight and thought, we’ll see about that. At my age, I swore I would never let fear stop me from taking an adventure, and besides, like my daughter Lauren said, “Mom, you have your passport and the VISA. What could possibly go wrong?”

Is it time for breaky, mate? Figure that one out.

I’m Lou Nessand that’s my perspective.

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