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Perspective: Why I March

Susan Stephens
Rockford Women's March, 2017


Since 2017, the Women’s March has been a crucial part of our American narrative. I have had the privilege to march in previous years.  



I march for unity and equality. It is that simple. Unity and equality are the base of any prosperous society. Look over history, or herstory, and you will see how civilizations rose and fell depending upon how well they implemented these two core concepts. The more unity, the more equality; the stronger the nation, the higher it rose, and the more its people achieved. As oppressive or racist leaders took over the government and ate away at the equality and broke down the unity; the lower the country sank. We are at a time where we need to remember the importance of unity and equality in America’s narrative.  



But the Rockford Women’s March brings something very unique to the table, a movement integral to the survival of our nation, and that is women. Dr. Hans Roselin is the author of the book Factfulness and the presenter of over 20 TED Talks. He studies what forces make nations strong and what brings upon the people poverty, famine and other socioeconomic disasters. In Dr. Roselin’s studies he found the moving force behind the economic strength of a nation is the state of the women. He says when women can work, learn, build their own business and develop financial stability the nation as a whole is stronger. The Women’s March is about equality and providing the same opportunity for women, no matter their ethnicity, so they can learn, work and support their families.   



The mission statement of the Rockford Women’s March says it all -- How women can support each other, unite their communities, and be inclusive while providing equal opportunities for all:  



We are united in our belief that every human being has a right to be treated with dignity and respect. We will work to ensure our laws and behavior reflect these values. 



My name is Sarene Alsharif and that’s my perspective.