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Perspective: Seven Thousand Five Hundred... And Counting


Last spring, I decided I had had enough of the stresses of being a modern day high school administrator and was fortunate enough to trade that role for the stresses of a modern day junior high school English teacher. My days are now filled with working 105 13 and 14 year olds. For anyone who asks me how I like my new job, I state the truth-I sleep much better now than I used to and am far happier.  


My 8th graders are hardworking, honest and follow as many of the rules as they can remember at any given time. There are two specific rules that govern our school that got me to thinking these last few weeks, though: Kids get into trouble if they are caught lying and name calling. They know there are consequences, and that the consequences get steeper each time they are caught.  


The same holds true in the adult world. If one lies, cheats and disparages other people, chances are that person will be out of either a job, marriage, or partnership or any combination of those things. 


As of a few days ago, and according to the Washington Post, the current president of these United States has told over 7,500 lies or made misleading statements since taking office, not to mention all the name calling he’s engaged in. If a kid were to tell 7,500 lies in a school year, or if an adult told 7,500 lies in the workplace, what do you think the consequences would be? It’s something to think about. 


I’m Andrew Nelson and that’s my perspective. 

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