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Perspective: The Holiday Rollercoaster


I carry a myth of immense proportions in my imagination. I see my favorite chair in front of our imaginary fireplace (hmmm). I am sitting in it with a warm blanket around me and a mug of hot chocolate at the ready while outside the snow is gently falling. As I watch the snow fall, I linger on the memories of holidays past. I am peaceful, serene and calm. 


While this vision lingers in some wishful place in my mind, the reality is far different. As a busy small business owner, community volunteer, and member of a large and raucous family, the holidays are more like a thrill ride at Six Flags and I am on the life and death roller coaster! When I finally get off, I am exhausted, well spent and dreading the next holiday carol. 

How will I find time to ponder the deep murmur of my life? How will I continue to make a difference in the world, serve others and care for myself? Yet, while I am busy chasing the holidays, something miraculous is happening: memories are being made. 

Our children witness the act of volunteering, the benefits of hard work, and the joy of being family. The gifts of the holidays are too numerous to count - you see, it really is A Wonderful Life – I send merry season wishes to all our WNIJ listeners and I pray the new year brings you peace and prosperity. Here’s to 2019! 

I’m Lou Ness and that’s my perspective. 


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