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Get Ready For The Holidays!



One week from now is the official start of the 2018 holiday season. The flurry of activity, the anticipation of wonder, the gathering of family and friends – it all begins on November 22. I for one will be busy preparing for the only holiday dinner we host, Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving for several reasons. 


1. It’s traditional foods. My family does not take kindly to new or exotic dishes.  

2. There are no gift exchanges. That’s another holiday.   

3. People are generally in a good mood. The unreasonable expectations of holidays are in the future. At our house, it’s food and football. 


Still, holidays lay bare the expectations of families to “be together.” Those without family and friends notice the ache more when surrounded by the chorus of happy celebrants cheering in the season. 



The sense of aloneness is greater in the dark of winter. The wounds of the past sting with more bite and the feeling of exclusion permeates the lives of many. For those of you left behind, this may help: 


My definition of Family is “A gathering of people who care about each other,” whatever that may look like. If you have no family, create one -- it has made the difference for me when the dogs of winter closed in. 


Family is more than biology: Create family, gather together, and celebrate the blessings of your life. You have them. 


In this moment, I am thankful to all the listeners of WNIJ for your kind words of support and continued good wishes. 

Now it’s time for food -- yes, and football.


I'm Lou Ness and that's my perspective.

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