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The Sign Of A Coward

It was just another ordinary day. I came home from running errands, found the mail, opened, on the dining room table. I briefly glanced at it and continued with letting the dogs out, hanging up my keys and getting a drink of water, before sitting down.

I picked up the letter and felt the hair on the back of my neck bristle as the words, “three Jews,” “a N…..” and “that dyke, Killary” jumped out at me. The person who sent the letter to “Occupants” decided to threaten me about the political signs in my front yard and accuse me of being a socialist who lies, whines, resists, doing nothing positive, and soon I would be indicted.

No wonder people resist showing up. There is a cost.

It’s unnerving when someone enters your home and threatens you, signing with a fake name. So, whoever you are, today I am putting up an even larger sign.

By the way, anonymity is the armor of cowards. When I express an opinion, I use my real name!

I’m Lou Ness, and that’s my perspective.

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