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There's Nothing Fake About Attacks On The Press


"You're the enemy of the people, and we're going to kill every f---ing one of you,” said Robert Chain, now free on $50,000 bond for making threats against the Boston Globe Newspaper. 



When Chain was asked why he was calling, Chain replied, "Because you are the enemy of the people.” Chain further stated he was motivated to attack the media because of the way they covered Trump. 


Newsprint is the life blood of a free society – the first amendment was established to protect dissent. When the moral fabric of democracy begins to fray, it’s the reporter who notices. The written word informs and people act. Soldiers wield weapons that shoot bullets, journalists wield weapons that shoot words. Journalists and soldiers fight the same fight and defend the same thing – democracy. 


 “Fake News” is repeated with alarming frequency. It’s intentional -- according to a recent NPR report, 76% of people no longer trust the press. This distrust allows those who lie and conspire against the tenets of democracy to crawl under the radar and seed treachery. 


Stalin used this phrase like a hammer, which brought death to dissenters. Robert Chain committed an act of domestic terrorism, inspired by a leader he loved. Words matter and attitude reflects leadership. 


I am privileged to write for NPR. I know my words echo and people listen. Enemies of the state, no, guardians of freedom, the brave men and women who write the truth. The only thing that’s fake is the current administration, so whatever you do, guys -- write on. 


I’m Lou Ness and that’s my perspective. 




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