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Goodbye To A Community Ally

Several years ago, a note came across my email: “Would you be interested?”

The message came from someone called Victor Yehling who said he was from WNIJ/NPR. Victor wanted to know if I would be interested in an idea he had. People from the community would write a short piece (250 words) and record the piece for a program he was starting called Perspectives. A few of us said yes and so it began.

In the beginning, we were writing and recording several times a month. As the program’s popularity grew, so did the cadre of people who recorded. Victor’s small seed grew into a well-planted and highly-respected program featuring the voices of real people who live in the WNIJ listening area. The topics range from searing political commentary to reflections on everyday life. Something for everyone.

Now after many years of service, the voice that has always sounded young and still sounds young to me is readying for retirement. Victor has earned this next great adventure, the opportunity to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Ah, retirement!

I have enjoyed working these many years under the watchful editor eye of Victor, sharing many moments in the recording booth. I have always found him a friend and ally in the work of bringing and keeping the public airwaves open to the public.

Meister Eckhert said, “If the only prayer we ever pray is ‘Thank You’ – It would be enough.”

Thank you Victor Yehling. Now – on to your next great adventure!

I’m Lou Ness, and that’s my perspective.

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