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Planners May Not Be The Answer

Last year I bought a couple of expensive planners, hoping they would nudge me out of days wasted on Facebook.

I started with a daily shaped around the Christian year. I moved to a weekly that gave me space to write down yearly and monthly goals as well as enough lines to schedule my days. I abandoned both, because checking off the task didn’t motivate me.

Both planners were too big to carry in my purse or to be present when my “to do” list fired off in my brain.

Finding a daily routine has escaped me, because tasks change with the weather. If I’ve got a lovely day, I’m ashamed to spend time inside vacuuming and dusting. If it’s pouring rain, I’m not going to roll back the mats in the barn and clean underneath.

My brain works against me as far as Facebook, because my brain will pick what’s easiest, and Zuckerberg has made an addictive app; so I turn my attention there.

Sometimes words come along that point, “This is the way you need to go.” In a recent interview with Image, Eugene Peterson says, “Instead of having a destination, a goal, a vision, I was immersed in a way of life in which every step was an arrival at a new place.”

Maybe goals aren’t as relevant as giving thanks for living in this body, walking across this ground.

I’m Katie Andraski, and that’s my perspective.

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