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They Should Get More Of A Role

With more than a dozen people on couch and floor – a decimated collection of snacks left alone on the table – it begins: two modern-day gladiators beating the crap out of each other on live television after months of orchestrated “smack-talk.”

The fight did not disappoint. The pre-fight videos (MacGregor all bravado and style, and Mayweather doing it all for his Grandma) made for highly scripted melodramatic TV.

Then came the Corona girls: women in bikinis advertising said beer and holding cards announcing the number of the upcoming round. They were, it appears, obligated to position themselves directly behind the fighters with smiles glued to their faces. Sleazy men in garish outfits surrounded the fighters and did not even once acknowledge the presence of the women.

Don’t get me wrong: I want crazy … I want inappropriate … I want over-the-top pre-fight histrionics. I know the boxers are performing; but the two women -- silenced, forced to smile and shuffle meekly behind the men -- lacked any sense of performance.

They were not allowed to partake in the event. It was icky … not sexy. Not crazy.

This is not about political correctness, nor is it a call to do away with attractive women in the ring. Equality indeed demands that we respect these women’s right to dress in such outfits and undoubtedly receive what was most likely a healthy paycheck.

But, for gosh sakes, let them speak. Let them be part of the event -- not stuck the background. Look them in the eye and let them partake in the crazy.

I’m Michael Perry, and that’s my perspective.

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