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Which Democracy Do You Want?

Unresponsive elites. Playing politics with the Supreme Court. Back room deals. The system is rigged! What is happening here?

Well, what may be happening is a political revolution -- a revolution discarding representative democracy in favor of direct, plebiscitary democracy.

Instead of direct democracy, our system is one of representative democracy -- filtered, mitigated, moderated democracy. Hence we fashioned institutions such as the electoral college, a Supreme Court insulated as much as possible from politics, a House and Senate designed to reflect different perspectives, and an extended Presidential nominating process with caucuses, conventions and, yes, primaries.

The entire system is democratic -- just differently democratic

Now we hear loud displeasure expressed with this system. As befits an age of instant gratification, some demand direct, unmitigated, unmediated democracy. Would that be a good thing? That is, of course, a democratic decision, one for "we the people" to make. But first let us imagine such a future.

Technology now enables us all to gather around our smartphones, computers and TVs every evening at 6:00, where we as citizens of a direct democracy could push the buttons to make and interpret the laws that will govern us.

Click on the "yes" button if you want to enter this brave new world.

I'm Bob Evans, and that's my perspective.

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