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Perspective: Making real-life connections, thanks to AI


Our son from California working in AI technologies comes to Chicago for meetings and invites us to join him at a river restaurant. After travel by train and taxi we arrive and are seated downstairs, facing the Chicago River. We hear about a challenging day as he and other AI “start-ups” present three-minute pitches to potential investors on Zoom. Practicing for hours, he still ran out of time.


During a break, we look out the floor-to-ceiling windows. Tourist boats glide up the river. We share a “family meal” of lamb and get updates on his work and family and share our latest news. Later, we hug and return to the train station as he heads to his hotel for more meeting preparations.


Back on the Metra train, I am amazed by how AI transcribes business conversations and develops a structured report. We’re proud that he’s been featured in Forbes Magazine. Just then, a gentleman in the next row turns around, smiling. He says he works in Amazon’s AI “cloud” services. As he looks up the Forbes article on his smart phone, my husband offers our son’s contact information. He gladly accepts, and we laugh about this coincidence and our “small world.”


Okay, we meet our son in Chicago who works in AI. By accident, we then meet a Pakistani stranger, also working in AI. I remember Carl Jung’s idea of “synchronicity” – a meaningful coincidence when two or more events connect without a causal relationship. I wonder, what’s next!



I’m Connie Seraphine and that is my Perspective.






Connie Seraphine is a Sycamore-area writer and poet.