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Perspective: Inflation is a real problem...especially for Democrats

Let us contemplate three facts. First, this is an election year. Second, inflation harms most those constituencies most likely to stray from their Democratic roots. Third, voters make up their minds late in the summer before November-and many vote early.


Democrats risk losing key constituencies because many loyalists may well be alienated by the inflation they blame on Biden. Many Black and Hispanic voters chafe under inflation. Seniors and welfare recipients live on fixed incomes. Younger voters are just sampling the economy. Inflation erodes the stability so desperately needed. For some of these folks the porous border seems to encourage “those people” to come after “our” jobs.


The President actually heightens anxiety by claiming that the inflation problem has been resolved. Inflation is cumulative. It accumulates. Prices have not fallen; they are just rising at a slower rate. The folks just identified cannot keep up. The Wall Street Journal found that the average hourly wage increase exceeded the cost of living by just 7 cents last year.


Inflation is, then, still a problem. It is especially painful for those constituencies most vulnerable for Democrats this year. I’m Bob Evans and that is my perspective.

Robert Evans is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Economics, Business and Accounting at Rockford University and Associate Director of the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship. He is actively involved in the Rockford University public policy program, trains managers on law-related topics, is a political consultant and analyst, and also serves on non-profit boards.