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Perspective: Some heavy thoughts about fitness

Victor Freitas

Sadly, it’s now that time when many New Year’s resolutions about exercise already are being shattered.

Grand plans are gone and the smell of fresh Spandex in area gyms is beginning to wane.

This annual struggle occurs because American society makes it soooooo difficult to take that first step toward fitness. And, we have a health system and insurance industry only focused on illness and profit, not on health and wellness.

However, all is not lost. If you’re making a change, here are some tips that might help:

In the gym, no one cares where you started. It’s where you’re going that matters.

Exercise does not overcome a bad diet. Focus on both.

Sleep is critical. Get more.

Treat exercise like investing. Start young. Do a little bit consistently. And keep at it when things get rough. The investments WILL pay off.

Train with weights. Olympic lifts such as the clean & jerk, snatch, squats and the deadlift provide functional fitness that serves you well.

You’re NEVER too old to start. It’s truly better to be the oldest person in the gym than the youngest in the nursing home.

Set goals and reward yourself. Order the pizza! Eat the donut! No one ever said in their final minutes of life, “I should have eaten more kale!!!”

There are people with REAL health struggles who would give ANYTHING to go to the gym and exercise.

For them, when I’m tired and not feeling it, I say “I don’t HAVE to train today. I GET to train today.”

Find a tribe that supports you. For me, those are the coaches and friends with whom I do CrossFit. They have changed my life.

Find your “why.” I train:

For fun. For camaraderie. For my family. Because it’s in my wiring. And, to keep sad head voice at bay.

Give up my gym membership? Only when you pry the barbell from my cold, dead chalk-covered hands. For real.

I’m Wester Wuori, I GET to train tonight, and that’s my Perspective.