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Perspective: Savoring the last bits of summer's freedom

Jill Wellington

Can you feel it? Every year at this time, it begins, the wispy endings of Summer. I begin to wax nostalgic, remembering how the days were warm, yet the nights are cool, a brief glimmer of things to come. The scent of apples in the air.

The garden is winding down, the flowers are droopy and tomatoes begin to redden on the vines. Fall will be here soon and with it the harboring of darker days. Even now the days are shorter. When we reach the autumn Equinox we will be in balance between dark and light.

The swirl of summer activities and the advent of fall run smashing into each other as we gulp up every bit of daylight and warmth in an effort to stave off the darkness. Yet the darkness can be a place of wonder and magic, where we can rest, renew and restore ourselves to ourselves.

This summer I watched from my window as the neighborhood kids snuck into the raspberry patch and wiped out the reddened luscious fruit and I witnessed the excitement of “getting away” with something. I loved it. I quietly stepped away from the window – Let them have their summer adventure. There are too few of those remaining. Now I watch them walk to school, confined to the classroom. I say let them savor the last bits of summer and freedom before the doors shut.

So as I begin to ready myself for the next season, I cherish every moment I have had in this one, grateful for another year of life, the joys of children and the promise of more to come.

Lou Ness has been working in service to people for decades. She has headed church-based programs in Rockford and served as Director of the Rockford Police Chaplains Program. She was an early pioneer in the domestic violence community.