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Poetically Yours - Anticipation

Poet Lesley Constable
Provided by Lesley Constable
Poet Lesley Constable

Welcome to Poetically Yours. Poetically Yours showcases poems by northern Illinois poets and on occasion, writers from other areas. This week’s featured poet is Lesley Constable.

Constable is a US/UK poet and painter. Most often linked to the US Beat Poets, like them, she lives in Mexico where she first gained recognition as an open mic poet. She said as a painter, her work is identified as visionary or transcendental, which could equally describe her poetry. She’s also a dancer. Constable worked as an arts journalist/art critic, art instructor and art gallery curator.

She is awaiting publication of her second volume of poetry, "A House without Walls: existential journeys and love poems to Mexico," this Fall. Her first volume, "Entry Point: poems of time, place, being," is available online at major booksellers’ sites. This poem is called "That which watches and waits."

Stick the fork in to see if it is done. It pierces that which was whole,

the substance seeps from within to without, only if you flinch

Without this, without this waiting, I am nothing, suspended animation,

my lot in life. The Black Panther there in front of me, there before

me, considered, not in form, but as symbol, the emblem of freedom,

its stealth noted, integrity known, known that, in the hold of its

gaze, it would cool you, hold you steady, hold

you cool and dark and certain and, cool YOU, the heated animal

of you, look you in the eye, hold your gaze unflinching and know you,

this deeply, as it knows the insides of things that speak through

the tail that will twitch the time, as it ponders you, then the flick,

considering you, anew, assessing

You know this and still you wait, as does he, watching you, and what

would this be? what would this release be for you, for him, if the

teeth broke flesh and punctured you, the fluid running and running

out of you, while the clouds above, churn, still the clouds

above churning still. You hold to your own gripping, as you never

have, the action ready still, in you, and holding, holding still, just in case,

that which you know that will have you, that will have you, climbs up

and up, in you, to a height at which you can see. And you see.

And if you are not careful, all the while you heed the gaze, you transform

into something, almost not, and if you look hard enough we and

you are transformed into that which you already know.

And I stand before you, him, myself purely, waiting as I face the gaze

unblinking, ready for the what of it, this moment, that might happen, the

could of it, the would of it to have you, climbs as myth, the danger

of tooth and claw, as myth, only if you flinch.

Lesley Constable©April 11, 2022

Yvonne covers artistic, cultural, and spiritual expressions in the COVID-19 era. This could include how members of community cultural groups are finding creative and innovative ways to enrich their personal lives through these expressions individually and within the context of their larger communities. Boose is a recent graduate of the Illinois Media School and returns to journalism after a career in the corporate world.