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Perspective: A love letter to running

Fitsum Admasu

One of my favorite times of the day is when I’m on my daily run. It is such a freeing feeling to be running with the wonder of exploring the world around me.

There is an amazing rhythm to running: the pumping of the arms, the pounding of the feet on the pavement, to the breathing and heartrate. It’s as if the body is keeping the beat to the music that is the run.

As strange as it may seem, there is a mindlessness in running that allows it to not only be relaxing, but also a meditation session. It has been a great way to relieve my stressors and anxieties: I can set aside any problems or frustrations and pound them out on the ground.

Being on a running team or going on group runs makes the experience even better; it’s as if you’re part of a pack of wolves looking out for one another, pushing each other to do better, and go faster. Being a part of a group allows the runners to have a sense of community and share their love of running and have fun.

With the right dedication, running is also an experience that allows for self-improvement over time which makes it feel very rewarding. Perhaps it’s the challenge of running that makes it great, because if it was easy, everyone would do it.

In today's hectic society, I hope you have your own form of meditation that helps you escape the pressures of life. As for me, I’ll see you on the trails.

I’m Kyle Horn and that’s my perspective.

Kyle Horn is a second-year student at Knox College. He’s a history buff with an interest in studying secondary education and thinking about educational theories.