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Perspective: Smiling is worthwhile

Susan Stephens

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As years have gone by, I have realized that one’s attitude towards life’s adversities defines who we are. Since conducts and behaviors are contagious, why not pass on smiles? During the last couple of years, we have lived our lives behind a mask. This has impeded us to notice the expressions of happiness and sadness in others. Consequently, we have lost the sensitivity to appreciate a sincere smile and its positive effects that contribute to our emotional and physical health.

Both women and men agree that they find the upwards curve of a smiling person to be the most attractive feature. Growing up I was taught that smiling does not only benefit me, but also the recipient. Because of that I always attempt to meet others with a smile. I do not keep a count but can testify that the majority of people I smile at return the gesture. But that’s not all, every time someone reciprocates by smiling back, my mood improves instantly. So, if you see someone without a smile give them one of yours.

We are bombarded with tons of bad news daily, full of pain and hate; therefore, it is time to fight back that human animosity with a smile. But do not pose an ordinary smile; make sure it is sincere and you’ll see that smiling is worthwhile.

Melody was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She loves the outdoors and is currently an NIU student working on her teaching licensure, hoping to teach Spanish and English learners in the near future.
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