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A boot camp for your mind | Under Rocks podcast

Spencer Tritt

You don't need a passport to get to a world-renowned meditation center. In fact, the Illinois Vipassana Meditation Center is just a short hop from Rockford. The Under Rocks team takes you there — but can they go ten days without speaking?

Imagine a place nestled between forests and farms where people from around the world gather to sit in silence -- for ten days. We head to the Vipassana Meditation Center in the village of Pecatonica.

Spencer Tritt

In WNIJ’s latest Under Rocks podcast, Dan Libman and Spencer Tritt meet up with the center’s Ginger Lightheart to check out what one follower calls “a boot camp for your mind.” They also hear from other Vipassana devotees about how this style of meditation has changed their lives.

Thanks to The Illinois Vipassana Meditation Center for opening their doors to us, and to Ginger Lightheart, Khem Boonheng, John Else, and John Moneski for sharing their stories.

Under Rocks celebrates the quirky, compelling, and just plain odd people, places, and events in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. If you have a bright idea for an episode, let us know at rocks@niu.edu. Under Rocks is produced by WNIJ at Northern Illinois University.

Spencer's creativity shows up in a variety of spaces on-air and online for WNIJ. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Communications and Digital Media Production. Spencer's interest in multimedia comes from a mix of his love for arts and music with an interest in technology.
Dan Libman is an author, teacher, correspondent, and adventurous host of the WNIJ podcast Under Rocks.