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Perspective: Thoughts about change

Jonatan Pie

“Nothing is happening, it’s all just talk.”

I often hear this in community or city council meetings.

I took a walk down by the river. As I stood on the bridge looking down onto the swiftly flowing current, I could see small sticks flowing quickly between the grassy banks.

I considered that the water I see on the surface is not the only water flowing steadily, it is also the many unseen feet of water beneath the surface.

Drop by drop together rain falls across millions of square inches of soil. It seeps in or runs off into the lowest point. Then it follows the lay of the land, again together, the drops create a stream which then becomes a river, which eventually becomes an ocean.

Change begins as a single thought coming from a deep constantly flowing stream of consciousness. You share your thought with another, then another it spreads beneath the surface. Your thought then stimulates a new combined thought from someone else’s stream. And slowly the combined individual thoughts flow together to form a small stream of movement in a common direction.

Like the flowing river wearing away a stone or gradually wearing away the bank, change is happening every moment, but for a visible change to take place takes many years.

Change is constant, even if not visible on the surface, it is moving forward all the same.

I’m Dan Kenney, and this is my perspective.

Dan Kenney is a retired elementary school teacher and the founder of DeKalb County Community Gardens. He's also a published poet and writer.