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Perspective: A special moonlit night on the farm

Connie Seraphine

I love taking the Border Collies out for their nightly run –- especially during a full moon in a cloudless sky. Recently, such a night presented itself.

Starting out on my four-wheeler I notice the silvery glow from the perfect sphere is sending forth enough light to keep track of our five lively dogs as they chase each other down the path around the 26 acres of winter wheat. Usually I need to supplement the small ATV lights with my bright lantern to catch sight of a wandering dog. But not tonight.

I stop on the trail and turn off the ATV lights to allow my eyes to adjust to the moonlit field. Awash in a soft alabaster glow, the tall golden wheat sways gently in the breeze and beckons me to breathe in the silent, sacred beauty all around. Time seems to stop. I sluff off the cares of the day and the relentless bad news. Taking a deep breath, I breathe in a blessing and give thanks for the simple beauty of this moment. My troubled soul feels cleansed.

A special Psalm passage floats into my mind. The Psalmist declares:

Even the darkness is not dark to you;

The night is as bright as the day,

For darkness is as light to you.

I whisper, “Amen,” and call for the dogs to join me in finishing their nocturnal trek around the moon.

I’m Connie Seraphine and that is my Perspective.

Connie Seraphine is a Sycamore-area writer and poet.