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Perspective: What is right in the world

Art by Mo, Greg Maupin

I don't know about you, but I am tired of listening to all the troubles of this world. And I think this feeling goes beyond just a need to take a break from the news. I'm talking about a shift in the way one sees the world.

We need the hope born from embracing and celebrating what is working in the world.

Love works.

Caring for our family and for our neighbors works.

Giving back just a little more than we take works.

Celebrating life in all its forms works.

Being good stewards to a patch of earth? That works.

We have known these truths to be self-evident throughout time.

Yes, there has always been human tragedies, pain, anxiety and despair. However, it has coexisted alongside joy, beauty, hope, laughter and bravery.

There have always been those motivated by greed and power. However, at the same time, millions have been drawn to fairness and community.

So yes, there are many sad and stressful happenings. And we do need to be at work every day in our little corners of the world, doing what we can to promote a better life for those around us.

I stand with Adrienne Rich when she writes, “My heart is moved by all I cannot save; so much has been destroyed I have cast my lot with those who age after age, perversely, with no extraordinary power, reconstitute the world.”

I'm Dan Kenney.

Dan Kenney is a retired elementary school teacher and the founder of DeKalb County Community Gardens. He's also a published poet and writer.