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Perspective: The purpose of life

Mohamed Nohassi

What Is the Purpose of Life?

Mom says the purpose of life is to have fun.

Another idea: The universe wants to experience itself through my eyes.


I’d like to make the universe smile.

My show for the universe shall be:




And fun!

Ever changing like a kaleidoscope.

I choose

Optimism over fear

Nature over technology

Uniting over dividing

Now over future or past

I’d like to choose healthy food over packaged yumminess. It’s a process. I shall notice and celebrate my successes and forgive my regressions.

I have learned that genuine compassion for myself translates to having extraordinary compassion for others.

Time spent in self study, yoga, swimming, or reading spiritual work is never time wasted.

Inward work helps me be a better me.

Spending less time on anxiety, worry, and guilt makes space for more meaningful energy and time.

Meaningful endeavors might be anything that feels right

Cleaning a drawer, chatting with a neighbor, cooking, working, exercising, whatever.

You are perfect just the way you are.

You are exactly where you should be on your journey.

And lastly, another idea that helps me be a better person is the idea that…

Caring for others IS caring for myself

Caring for myself is caring for all others.

Seriously. I was lowering into a dark spot just last week. Crawled into bed. Felt so down. What might help? I had already exercised, used my light box, etc. I decided to try caring for others. I texted some friends I hadn’t talked to in a while. They texted back. My funky mood lifted. Ahhhh.

I don’t really know what I am doing. “Stumbling through life like the rest of us,” mom would say. But as I realize certain strategies profoundly change how I live my life, I return to those strategies and hunt for more. What helps you?

I'm Margaret LeMieux, and that's my perspective.

Margaret LeMieux (the Pegster) lives in DeKalb, which is just a short hour's drive away from her 94-year-old mom in Chicago each week. Margaret is a developmental therapist who coaches families of children from birth to age 3 in early Intervention.