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Perspective: No one likes a sore loser

Tom Pumford

As a child, when I would complain because I did not win something, my mother used to say, “Louisett, no one likes a sore loser, stop it.” Now, a powerful group of people who lost their elections are ranting about the unfair voting process. They spin a tale that plants doubt in the minds of those who voted for them. Now the voters feel like losers. All these sore losers get together and make a plan to undermine the tool that led to the loss – the vote. It trickles at first, then gathers traction.

The sore losers hire a team of lawyers who use the megaphone of the press and social platforms to spread the lie using magical thinking. Forget about the facts.

The Chant, “Stop the Steal” becomes a call to arms among the sore losers. To hell with facts. Those who took oaths to protect and defend the constitution and rule of law join the fray. Superheroes Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney push back against their party.

Here’s a fact - the vote is secure. Our voting procedures are secure. Voter fraud is the least committed crime in America.

I wanted to write about the joy of summer, yet I am haunted as I watch democracy unravel before me in the press and on television. Flowers can wait.

Three months to the midterm elections. As candidates pit themselves against each other, hurtling words like boulders, sweep away the emotional fog and look for the facts. Resist being swept away by rhetoric -- remember what my mother said: “Louisett! Nobody Likes a sore loser. Stop it.” There you have it!

Lou Ness has been working in service to people for decades. She has headed church-based programs in Rockford and served as Director of the Rockford Police Chaplains Program. She was an early pioneer in the domestic violence community.