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Perspective: The macro view

Space Telescope Science Institut/NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, Webb ERO

One approach to essays like our perspectives is to keep them on a micro, not macro, scale. Zero in on a single point or observation. But right now I have so many thoughts and emotions swirling around in my brain and heart, I can’t really focus on one thing. So forgive me for this next bit of spewing.

Gun violence, corrupt politician cowards, global heating and widespread wildfires, attacks on democracy and human rights at home and abroad, and a group of judges fulfilling the vision of a megalomaniac.

But then, as this planet seems to be recklessly spiraling downward or off its orbit, come other worldly images from outer space. Talk about macro.

Recent photos from the James Webb Telescope can steer bleak political conversations out of the spewing and into new realms of our imaginations. My brain is boggled in a whole new, and much better, way.

Not only are we amazed by the dazzling newborn stars and ancient galaxies, but we’re also looking back in time - a long way back. And the brilliant brains and commitment it took to implement this technology give me newfound hope in my fellow earthlings - if only they could find their way into our governments.

I’m Paula Garrett and that’s my perspective.

Paula Garrett is a transplanted Southerner and a former WNIJ Blues host. She's passionate about music, travel, research, open water swimming and film.