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Statewide: The widespread trauma from gun violence

Manuel Martinez/WBEZ

It's not just those wounded or their families who are traumatized after a shooting. Entire communities are impacted. That can lead to a long road to recovery.

On this week's episode, we look closer at how those who survived the Highland Park shooting this month are coping. And, we remember the Eastland Disaster.

* Susie An brings us the story of survivors from the Highland Park shooting.

* Peter Medlin reports on the uncertainty over school bus availability this fall.

* Ryan Denham talks with the Illinois Public Interest Research Group on new data on how much car insurers made during the first year of the pandemic.

* Susanna Kemerling has details on an 11 year old who took her concern over plastic pollution to the Rock Island City Council.

* Sean Crawford speaks with Michael McCarthy author of Ashes Under The Water: The SS Eastland and the Shipwreck That Shook America. The Eastland disaster happened 107 years ago this month along the Chicago River, resulting in at least 844 deaths.

* Sarah Nardi of WGLT reports on Harold Boyd, an artist suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.

* Maureen McKinney interviews Kimberley Hobson, the new CEO of the South Side Healthy Community Organization in Chicago. It's part of a new approach to improving health equity.

* Side Effects Public Media's Steph Whiteside speaks with Dr. Vidya Sundareshan, an infectious disease physician at the SIU School of Medicine's post-COVID clinic, about long COVID and its impact.

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