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Perspective: Teachers, it's time for a little balance

Isabella and Zsa Fischer

A few weeks back, I landed in urgent care. I have a bad sprain, must wear a brace, and have to limit exercise. I spend a lot of time icing my foot. Although it’s difficult, this rest is necessary for healing.

Physical therapy has me working on gaining strength and balance. I am improving and hopefully I’ll be stronger than before.

It’s a balance of rest and exercise that seems to be most important. If I work my ankle too hard I will injure myself again. And if I rest too much, I won’t gain any strength. That balance is important and I have to respect it.

The teachers at Kaneland Harter Middle School have turned in their grades and cleaned their classrooms. It’s summer: a time to rest, rejuvenate, and rethink what happens in our classrooms.

All year long, teachers worried, lost sleep, and questioned what was happening. They wondered if what they were doing was enough. Were the students learning enough before moving on? That concern tells everything we need to know about our teachers. They are dedicated!

This year, we’ve struggled to find a balance between rest and exercise as educators. We have had too much to contend with to take all the rest that we need.

So now’s the time. Allowing ourselves downtime will make us stronger so we can start again.

Here’s a shout out to all the teachers. Turn off those alarm clocks and sleep in a little!

I’m Elsa Glover and that’s my perspective.

Elsa Glover is a national board-certified teacher who has taught in Kaneland schools for the last 20 some years.