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Poetically Yours - Eulogy in a poem


Welcome to Poetically Yours. Poetically Yours showcases poems by northern Illinois poets. This week features Lennart Lundh.

Lundh is a poet, photographer, short-fictionist, and historian. His published works date back to 1965 and have appeared internationally. Lundh and his wife, Lin, live in the southwest suburbs. His books can be found at Visionwords on Etsy and on Amazon, while recordings of readings from the last ten years are archived on YouTube. Lundh can be contacted by email. Here’s a short eulogy poem by Lundh.

Dig the small grave

And place the smaller body so

Just so

The chill may rain and the warm human tears falling on her head Will serve for the ritual washing of this pup

Barely two days old.

Some future digger after truth,

Alien or human

Kneeling with trowel and brush at this grave

Will note in clear, careful script

The wonder that a people would be so deliberate

With the smallest of their God’s creatures

And so careless of themselves