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Perspective: We must think before we act because there's no going back

Igor Karimov

Tread carefully, I say. Once you pull the trigger, there is no going back. Thankfully, President Biden is cautious. He and our NATO Allies have taken strong slow steps forward, while avoiding a full-scale combat situation that engages the world’s armies.

President Biden has suffered criticism for not doing enough; however, I remind you that thinking before acting is the sign of an emotionally intelligent person. This crisis requires calm discernment; like a savvy chess player who sees eight moves ahead, world leaders are thinking before acting. I pray for all of them, even Putin, every night. They have lives in their hands.

This time the governed in Russia are standing up to Putin. Even as arrests of Russian citizens increase, protesters are still taking to the streets.

Thankfully, the Social Media Soldiers are working hard. Between journalists and tech folks, the stories are leaking out -- documenting the destruction of people and property. There are no secrets. No matter how much Russia and China suppress information, shut down the internet, these tech soldiers are clever -- thank God for the world wide web.

I have not always seen the bigger value of media platforms; however, those who are finding ways of getting information in and out of the war zone and into countries with significant suppression of information is as much a front line in the war as weapons and bombs.

When I look at that $4.59 cost per gallon I flinch - for sure. Then I remember: No one is pointing a missile at my house; there are no tanks rolling down my street … and I am sadly grateful.

Lou Ness has been working in service to people for decades. She has headed church-based programs in Rockford and served as Director of the Rockford Police Chaplains Program. She was an early pioneer in the domestic violence community.