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Perspective: Gluten-free for you and me

Wesual Click

Now I have seen everything. I was using the restroom at a restaurant and on the sink there was a bottle of “gluten-free soap.”


The gluten free thing has gotten out of hand. I know that people who are sensitive to gluten are sensitive when they ingest something that has gluten, but soap? For a minute I wasn’t sure if I should wash my hands with it or take a swig.

Go down the aisles of any grocery store and gluten free is everywhere. These words are proudly plastered on nearly every box and bottle. However, I fear this is nothing more than a marketing ploy. It’s the hot topic right now. If it’s good for people with celiac disease, it must be good for me, the non-celiac. Or at least that’s how the thinking goes. I can see how this can happen. Once when applying for a job, the application asked if I was sensitive to printing chemicals. I decided that being exposed to chemicals probably wasn’t a good idea, so I marked “yes,” on the paper.

Recently I’ve seen Coke products that say: “very low sodium.” Since when do we worry about Coke being a source of salt? thought it was a source of pure merriment, nothing more.

What’s next? Gluten-free slippers?

I’m Rosie Klepper and that’s my perspective.

Rosie Klepper is a writer and editor based in Hinsdale. A lover of language since birth, she delights in word play, wit and humor.