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The Illinois Enthusiast | Under Rocks Podcast

John Kokoris, Illinois Enthusiast, surrounded by some beloved Illinois county seals.

John Kokoris was born, raised, and lives in the Chicago-area. “From Joppa to Joy,” his love for Illinois knows no bounds – within state lines, of course.

The Under Rocks crew was thrilled to share in John’s enthusiasm for the state during a recent chat about great places to visit, local pronunciations, and most of all, county seals. County seals? Yes, county seals. When you’re finished listening, head over to Twitter and check out @johnjkoko and his county seal rankings (plus fun facts!).

Excerpt: County Seals

Got a favorite Illinois book/movie/restaurant/festival? How about a great idea for an upcoming Under Rocks show? Send us an email at rocks@niu.edu!

Under Rocks is produced by WNIJ at Northern Illinois University. Thanks to John Kokoris, Spencer Tritt, Dan Libman, and Susan Stephens for making this episode possible.

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