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Perspective: Let's talk about inspiration

Anne Nygard

In vain, I've been searching for inspiration for this Perspective. I’ve listened, observed, researched this day in history, written pages of dribble, and nothing seems to spark. Although there are a lot of important issues I could discuss, none of them seem appropriate.

It’s just not there. I’m not feeling curious or wondering about anything.

So what should I do?

I guess I could talk about the fact that sometimes the spark isn’t there and I need to accept that. And with that, I must figure out how to move through my days, not in a stupor, but with a good attitude, and wait for that spark to occur another day. It’s not that I’m being dull, or not noticing all the wonder around me. Maybe I’m searching for something else. And that something else is new and different. It’s going to challenge me in a new way.

Searching for it doesn’t seem to bring it any faster. Searching for it may even slow the process of how a new idea or spark may reveal itself. Does it make sense to “beat on, boats against the current?” Should we really depend on the red wheelbarrow in the rain? Is this search for the spark futile?

Maybe I just need a break from finding meaning or importance in all the things around me. Maybe I just need to live in the moment.

Maybe I just need to “let it be”.

I’m Elsa Glover and that’s my perspective.

Elsa Glover is a national board-certified teacher who has taught in Kaneland schools for the last 20 some years.