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Perspective: You did everything right


You did everything right. You followed all the guidelines, had the vaccine, took the booster, masked up everywhere you go, avoided places where potentially non-vaccinated people might be, and then, you got COVID. It sucks for you, right?

The frustration, inconvenience of testing, isolating while feeling crummy, notifying anyone within your range of transmission that they too might have the dreaded virus...Oh, the shame of it all!

Not really. Everyone is going to get COVID or one of its evil sisters. Look around — the numbers are soaring and no amount of caution can save you. What you will be saved from is a trip to the hospital, being on a ventilator, death. It also will save the healthcare system and those who work inside the healthcare system. So, celebrate, sorta.

I remember.

People watching from afar, as those they loved died. Dropping someone at the ER door only to be prohibited from being with them as death claimed yet another person. The shock of having children being taught from home. Parents beleaguered under the strain and pressure of making everything work differently. People in isolation suffering from deep entrenched loneliness.

I remember.

Stores closed, grocery shelves empty, fear everywhere.

Yes, I remember.

So, you did everything right and still caught COVID. You're feeling poorly, have a headache, lost your sense of taste and smell. You amble off to the kitchen for chicken broth and tea, then straggle back to the couch for another nap. Yes, it sucks — seriously though, it could be worse. I know because I remember.

Lou Ness has been working in service to people for decades. She has headed church-based programs in Rockford and served as Director of the Rockford Police Chaplains Program. She was an early pioneer in the domestic violence community.