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Perspective: Mature, practical, or just a Scrooge?

Aaron Burden

Every year, come Christmas, I begin to wonder about the gifts I'd like to see under the tree for me. For quite a while the answer has been… nothing. I don't want things for Christmas. Since I let everyone know of my decision early on, I usually end up getting the kind of gifts that uncles give you (and that you eventually will buy) like socks and sweaters. I say thank you, because I appreciate that my family took time to get me the stuff that'd make me happy.

Now, my disdain for things doesn't mean that I don't enjoy the holidays. There's nothing like spending time with the family, doing things together, following traditions or creating new ones. I prefer nice meals, warm nights, and cheer in the air to adding things to my inventory of stuff.

Does that make me mature or practical? Am I just a Scrooge for not sharing the desire to buy and store?

I don't know yet, but the truth is that, whether we reach maturity or practicality at a certain age, some pleasures that money can't buy become priceless. Conversations with friends, a good laugh, shared experiences. These are the things that make us what we are, not the trinkets we store and later misplace.

However, I admit to being very interested in what I may find under the tree. Perhaps instead of a sweater I'll finally get a nice fountain pen.