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Perspective: Does NPR hold the key to cuffing season?

Isabella and Zsa Fischer

The tradition of 'cuffing season' is well under way. If you are unfamiliar with this yearly ritual it can be described as a "time of coupling up during the colder months." It will not likely be your soulmate but if you are lucky enough you'll find someone tolerable to snuggle up with until spring. This custom is even trickier with its ice storms, unglamorous thick coat, and now pandemic face masks.

For those of us, despite much effort, who have been left "uncuffed," I propose this:

An NPR dating site.

Did I just hear an audible gasp of "yes!" echo throughout the single world?

There are so many great reasons for this... and some are not even self-serving! First, let's talk about money. NPR offers a wine club to its listeners -- why not love? Meeting others who support this cause...why, that's just the quality I'd find admirable in a potential partner!

No awkward first date silence -- just talk about what you heard earlier on Morning Edition!

Wait wait! There's more!

Should we be so fortunate to find love on the new proposed NPR dating site, we (me and my new companion) would be in an even better position to support public radio, thrilled to back the beloved institution that brought us together.

What a great way to ensure trusted journalism continues...for generations.

I listen to NPR a lot. I may not know everything, but this I do know –- NPR and a dating site combo are MFEO. Made For Each Other.

I'm Christyn Rittenhouse and that's my perspective.

Christyn Rittenhouse graduated from Northern Illinois University with a major in psychology and minor in sociology. She works as a life coach and clutter coach/consultant. This Rockford resident is a travel, art fair, and community enthusiast.