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Perspective: Work? School? Make time to live life intentionally

Necedes Bosquet

This semester was probably one of the most chaotic semesters that I’ve ever encountered. There were lots of highs and lows, sleepless nights, and mental breakdowns. But it’s pretty amazing to say that in spite of taking six classes, working part-time, and juggling an internship, I made it! And I’m still standing strong. Academically, I’ve received high marks in all of my classes, I’ve built many meaningful relationships between my peers and my professors, and most importantly I’ve learned the importance of intentional living, which may seem pretty cliché, but it really has helped me immensely.

As a junior in college, things really start to hit home for you. For example, you are taking all of your core classes, networking more than your freshman and sophomore years, and you are even thinking long-term about your future career and professional goals. For me, it was very stressful considering all of these things at once, but when I was asked to complete an assignment in my English class that essentially wanted me to introduce a concept, that could easily be taught to others, I didn’t hesitate on the selection of my topic at all, which was how to live intentionally in different realms of human life.

In other words, how to live life meaningfully and purposefully through our devotional time, personal life, and school and work. And I must say that this assignment has resonated with me ever since. Now, I start each day with an optimistic and determined mindset to do better than yesterday.

I’m Allyson White and that’s my Perspective.

Allyson from Chicago currently studies journalism at Northern Illinois University.