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Perspective: The First Day Of School


Last week, I started school for the 23rd time at Kaneland.

That first day is always filled with emotion and excitement. I have come to love it. It’s the day where our dreams cross over into reality.

Every summer, teachers prepare for the first days of school, conjuring new dreams to start afresh. It's exciting to create new plans and consider how best to implement them. Teachers dream of the possibilities of the next set of students, their desires to learn, their challenges, their growth. It’s exhilarating -- the possibility of what we can create together.

The first day of school is a chance to bring the possibility into reality. To take a new step forward with positivity and hope.

Of course the first day of school can be filled with concern and anxiety. All the change and the unknown can overwhelm and cause issue, and I think we need to change that.

It should be a day ending in fireworks -- a day to celebrate our possibilities. Each of us has so much to offer and so much possibility inside of us. Getting to find that possibility and dream it alive each year offers our students and teachers an opportunity to grow again and again. What a celebration of learning!

Here’s a shout out to everyone getting ready for their first days of school. Extra credit if you’re listening!

I’m Elsa Glover and that’s my perspective.

Elsa Glover is a national board-certified teacher who has taught in Kaneland schools for the last 20 some years.