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A community driven journalism project where listeners get to ask the big questions: who, what, when, where and why. Under Rocks host(s) will attempt to get to the bottom of these unexplored oddities, neglected anomalies, and little-known place-makers of our region.

ODBRAI: Biking Illinois, From The Mississippi To That Great Lake, In One Day | Under Rocks Podcast

ODBRAI start
Dan Libman

Maybe you’ve heard of RAGBRAI, the week-long bike ride across Iowa that attracts thousands of cyclists from around the world. But have you heard of ODBRAI?

It has become an annual tradition for a small pack of cyclists, including Under Rocks host Dan Libman. They’ve swapped out Iowa for Illinois, one week for one day, and crowds for some lonely open road.

ODBRAI country.png
Dan Libman

This year, the One Day Bike Ride Across Illinois took place on June 9, starting with a pre-dawn tire dip in the Mississippi River.

The Indefatigable Five pedaled their way east, through the rolling hills of western Illinois, the seemingly endless cornfields and shadeless stretches, the suburban trails, the city streets, and finally – FINALLY! – the Lake Michigan shore.

Dan Libman

The Indefatigable Four had done it again. Yep, four. And they’ll do it again next year. Maybe you’ll join them.

Dan Libman

Thanks to the Under Rocks team, including Spencer Tritt, for compressing 22 hours of ODBRAI adventures into a bite-sized eight minutes. Kudos to devoted bicyclists Dominic Cozzi, Jason Augsburger, Stu Garwick, Danny Dunne and, of course, your host with the recorder mounted on his handlebars, Dan Libman.

If you have an idea for an episode of Under Rocks, email us at rocks@niu.edu. We are always looking for our next adventure!

Under Rocks is produced by WNIJ at Northern Illinois University.