Fundraising Campaigns

Public radio is supported by the public. We rely on a committed community that provides the largest part of the annual revenue necessary to operate.

At different times throughout the year, we launch multiple fundraising campaigns, different ways to ask listeners for their support.

Thank you to our listeners, members, sponsors and underwriters who support these efforts. We invite everyone to join the public radio community. Donate now.

The WNIJ-WNIU membership campaign is upon us and we want to raise the money needed to keep bringing you the programs and music you love, without interruption.

Be A Patron 2017

Oct 20, 2017

Donate to Classical WNIU's fall fundraiser. This October, you will hear all the music you love, but you won't hear any interruptions. We're using regularly scheduled breaks to ask you to give toward the $20,000 goal and sustain the music you love.

Mission Complete: 2017 WNIJ Fall Fundraiser Reaches Goal

Oct 12, 2017

Thank you to everyone who made WNIJ's Mission Possible fundraiser a success! Your support is essential to preserving independent journalism and strong local reporting in our community. The station was able to meet the $150,000 goal with three weeks of interruption-free fundraising, a short pledge drive on Saturday morning and a flurry of online donations over the remainder of the weekend. Thank you for making it possible!

Mission Possible 2017

Sep 8, 2017

What is Mission Possible?

It's WNIJ's attempt to raise $150,000 without program interruptions. The mission: eliminate the traditional pledge drive September 2017 to bring you news and information plus your favorite entertainment programs -- uninterrupted.


Now. The campaign began September 8 and runs through Friday, September 29, 2017.


Partnering to Plant the Public Radio Forest

Apr 1, 2017

WNIJ is partnering with local businesses to sustain and grow the public radio community. We are grateful to the organizations featured above who are reaching out to their friends and associates to help us raise $125,000 to preserve and protect this station by making a donation.

WNIJ will plant a tree in a National Forest to mark every donation. We are teaming up with the National Forest Foundation and Tyler's Landscaping to plant the public radio forest. The goal is to plant 1,000 trees before the end of this campaign on April 22, 2017.

Preserve and Protect Public Radio

Apr 1, 2017

Support WNIJ with a donation and you'll provide for public radio, protecting it for your own enjoyment and for your community.

Our goal is to raise $125,000 this spring to sustain the programs you love, and once again, we want to meet this goal without interrupting programs.