Curiosity In The Corn

Welcome to our newest podcast, Curiosity in the Corn (being an examination of the unexplored oddities, neglected anomalies, and little-known history of our region).

Our podcast, hosted by Connie Kuntz and Clint Cargile, launches August 15th.

Know something so weird it practically screams for attention? Or an interesting person the world should know about? Maybe you have questions about the history, people, places, objects, or events unique to your area, and you’d like us to investigate. If so, email us at You can also leave a message on our Facebook page or tweet us @WNIJnews.

We look forward to your questions and recommendations for the show!


This is not your father’s baseball; it’s your great-great grandfather’s base ball. For our first episode of Curiosity in the Corn, we venture into the fields of southern DeKalb County to the town of Somonauk, where base ball enthusiasts play the game as it was played in 1858. No gloves, no fast pitch, no swearing (but the occasional drink is allowed). Join hosts Clint Cargile and Connie Kuntz as they explore Vintage Base Ball. Learn the rules, meet the players, find out why they love this game so much.