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Bite-sized stories of failure and success. Failure bites. It’s painful, discouraging and embarrassing. Just the idea of failure, whether it’s a big messy fail or a small setback, can be hard to digest. It’s time to change the way we think about failure. Yes, failure may be all of those negative things, but failure is also a very important part of learning and growing. Behind every great success story is a long series of failures and challenges that were also learning experiences. Join host Dr. Kristin Brynteson as she talks with successful people about failure, growth and success to inspire you and take the bite out of failure.

Failure Bites - Plot Twist with John Scalzi

 Plot Twist – John Scalzi 

Kristin Brynteson spoke with one of our favorite authors at C2E2 this year: John Scalzi. Scalzi is an American science fiction writer known for books like Red Shirts, Lock In, and many others. Check out his newest book The Last Emperox, coming April 2020! 



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