Two organizations from different sides of the world are collaborating to highlight a particular culture during Women’s History Month.

Womanspace of Rockford and Jhoole, a nonprofit in India, are working together for “Experience India.”

Shiraz Tata is a board member of Womanspace. She said the community has the desire to learn about other cultures.  

Help Make Face Masks

Apr 10, 2020
Facebook/Sewing Masks for the Greater Rockford Area

There is an essential need for personal protection equipment (PPE) in the fight against COVID-19. But some people don’t have access to one piece of protective gear -- a mask. A few Rockford organizations are coming together to make sure cloth masks are available for some.  

Connie Kuntz

Mixed Media Artist Norm Knott lives with his partner Steve Beard in Rockford. On a grey day in May, I drove to their neighborhood in northwest Rockford, parked my car, and walked up to their house. From the street, the rambler seemed ordinary, but the closer I got to the front door, things changed.

Delightful statues and artifacts frame the path. With each step, I could feel myself relax. As nice as that was, it was nothing like the moment of stepping into their home. I felt like Dorothy stepping into the magical land of Oz, except Norm and Steve’s house is more vibrant.