U.S. House of Representatives

Several U.S. representatives from northeastern Illinois Friday argued for the passage of a massive COVID relief bill.

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood said the American Rescue Plan contains various forms of COVID-related aid for the nation, including more stimulus checks.

“It will send another round of $1400 direct payments in addition to the $600 payments that went out earlier this year following the December relief bill. This money makes a real difference for workers and their families and for the local businesses where they spend it.” 


Illinois U.S Representative Cheri Bustos says it’s imperative that the U.S. House pass the next COVID-19 relief package.

The bill is known as the American Rescue Plan and will provide various forms of aid. Bustos said this includes funding for cities to address deficits and immediate need.

"Towns like Peoria having to not fill Fire Department jobs. In Rockford, they weren’t able to purchase new fire and police vehicles."  

A new bill could aid Illinois business owners in creating succession plans.

Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos helped introduce the legislation. She said it’s important, especially during the pandemic, to have provisions if an owner retires, falls ill or dies.

“The whole idea here is that you have almost six in 10 business owners don’t have a succession plan. These are people who in some cases, they own the only business of its kind in a community.”

A group of U.S. lawmakers announced the reintroduction Tuesday of the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act

The bill was originally authored by Senator Dick Durbin. It passed in the House but failed in the Senate. In the wake of the recent attack on the Capitol, Durbin said addressing the hazards of domestic terrorism is a bipartisan issue.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the announcement Wednesday that Bustos would co-chair the party’s Steering and Policy Committee. This group has a role in determining where Democrats are assigned on other House committees, and they advise party leaders on policy. Bustos said the northwestern Illinois area she represents can provide additional perspective.

“Certainly, I would be the only Midwesterner sitting around that leadership table from a district that Donald Trump has won -- not just one cycle -- but he also won our Congressional district just a week ago.” 


The U.S House of Representatives voted today on the HEROES Act.

This relief package consists of about $3 trillion in aid related to the coronavirus. Representative Cheri Bustos of Illinois said nearly a third of the bill offers help for state and local entities.


Illinois U.S. Representative Cheri Bustos is pushing for expansion of health insurance enrollment during the Covid-19 pandemic. She made the comment after leaving a House hearing Wednesday regarding the successor to the CARES Act.

“I believe it’s shortsighted of the Trump administration not to reopen the enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act when we’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.” 

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