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Montmorency is a rural K-8 school district of just around 230 kids in Whiteside County. They've had an opening for a special ed teacher for about a month. They've only had three teachers apply so far.


"You know, we had the special ed position open for two weeks before I even had an applicant," said Alex Moore, superintendent at Montmorency. He also went to school here; in his words, he grew up about two cornfields away.


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Ethnically diverse teachers are underrepresented in school districts across Illinois. Research shows that when a student resembles their teacher, the student makes a unique connection and their school performance improves.



More than 30,000 Los Angeles teachers are on strike this week.

The biggest issue on the negotiating table has not been teacher salaries, as is common. Instead, LA teachers are worried about class sizes, which can sometimes reach 40 students per class.


Meanwhile, teachers in Denver, Colorado, are nearing a work stoppage of their own.

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Hundreds of teachers at a large northern Illinois school district remain on strike.

Earlier this week, hundreds of Geneva teachers, community members and even students rallied outside of the high school.

The main sticking point between the union and school board is how much teachers are paid.

That includes how they are paid throughout their career based on education and experience.

The union says their new deal would give bigger raises to younger, less experienced educators in an effort to attract new teachers.

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The DeKalb Regional Office of Education hosted its first Educator Spirit Day on Wednesday. It's intended to help teachers de-stress before their first day back to school. Regional Superintendent Amanda Christensen says the goal is to give educators tools to help manage their health.

"We know that we need educators to be focused on their own well being also in order to help their students focus on their well being," Christensen said.

Susan Bivens is a special education teacher at Cortland Elementary. She says it was a great way to get ready and prepare for her students.

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The Illinois House has sent the governor a measure raising public school teacher salaries to a minimum of $40,000 a year.

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The Rockford Public School District is hosting a teacher job fair for those looking to move forward in their careers in sculpting young minds.

Some specific areas of teaching will be special targets, but Mercedes Brain – the Director of Talent Acquisition for Rockford Public Schools – says that shouldn’t discourage anyone from attending the fair.

A program designed to get more minority teachers into Illinois classrooms is turning directly to the public for support. 

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A survey of Illinois public school districts finds administrators are scrambling to find substitute teachers for as many as 600 classrooms a day.

The review of 400 districts that the Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools released Tuesday reveals that teachers call in absences more than 16,000 times per week. Administrators have trouble finding enough people to fill in for nearly 20 percent of them.

Jeff Vose is association president. The regional superintendent for Sangamon and Menard counties says stricter licensing requirements are to blame.

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A new law designed to relieve the statewide shortage of teachers and substitute teachers was signed by Governor Bruce Rauner today.

State Senator Dave Luechtefeld, a Republican, taught history and government at Okawville High School for more than 30 years, so it’s hard to argue with him about what it takes to be an educator.

That’s probably why the bill he sponsored passed unanimously in both chambers of the Illinois legislature. It lowers the fee for a substitute teaching license, and smooths the way for retired teachers to work as subs.

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Illinois data shows almost one in four public school teachers in the state miss 10-plus days of the school year.

The Chicago Tribune reports the annual Illinois Report Card, a compilation of data that paints a broad picture of schools, shows that 23.5 percent of public school teachers are absent more than 10 days in the school year.

The teacher absence rates ranged widely at some 3,600 public schools, with nearly 1,600 schools, mostly in the Chicago area, faring worse than the state average.

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The role of a school superintendent has changed a lot recently: four local district leaders proved that Thursday night during the Northern Illinois University Education Department’s Superintendents Summit.


A labor union is demanding the resignation of the head of Illinois' teacher pension system. The union doesn't like what he's been saying about the future of teachers' retirement benefits. Richard Ingram says in order to solve the long-term funding problems of the Teachers' Retirement System, the state has to consider reducing automatic cost-of-living increases for retirees.