Suburban Apartments

Inside DeKalb County's Unincorporated Apartments

Dec 10, 2019
Sarah Jesmer

This project is done in collaboration with The Northern Star. You can read their reporting on a new solar farm at Suburban Apartments and Estates here. You can also hear about how this collaboration came to be here


WNIJ and the Northern Star are collaborating to take a closer look at Suburban Apartments in DeKalb.  It’s a large complex near Annie Glidden Road which houses many students. It’s also the site of a proposed solar garden. WNIJ News Director Jenna Dooley recently sat down with the reporters working on this series to learn more about the project.

Noah Thornburgh is news editor of the Northern Star. He says the reporting began in early September when he asked a pair of reporters in his newsroom to learn more about a solar project at the complex.