Side Effects

Some Health Officials Find Their Hands Tied On COVID-19 Restrictions

Oct 30, 2020
Connie Kuntz

Sandra Martell is in a tough spot. As public health administrator in northern Illinois’ Winnebago County, Martell was threatened with lawsuits from several area bar owners after she included them on a list of businesses allegedly defying the governor’s orders to halt indoor dining.

The county is part of a region that faced tougher restrictions this month after the rate of positive COVID-19 tests rose above 8%.

Playwright Mike Milligan

Groups advocating for reforms in America's healthcare system are sponsoring a Rockford performance of a play about the impact of the system on doctors.

Playwright Michael Milligan has been performing his one-man drama Side Effects for three years. 

Milligan previously wrote a play called Mercy Killers about medical bankruptcy and the difficulties people encounter accessing care. He toured the show around the country - often collaborating with doctors and nurses.